iPhone Landscape Pow! Animation


Zlonk! Crunch! Zowie!

Are you tired of not being able to punch like a 1960's superhero? Are you filled with rage but don't have the soundtrack to back it up? If your jabs lack a Bam! I f your hooks could use some Wham! Then you need some Pow!

Entertain your friends as you (almost) rain down blows upon them. But beware! That guy with the question marks all over his unitard is more dangerous than he looks.

Just grab your device and hold on tight (seriously, you don't want it to go flying). Swing away and Pow! will do the rest, giving you all the sights and sounds of a good old fashioned superhero punch up.

Try before you buy: Check out the free version of Pow!: Pow! Lite, also available now (cape and cowl not included).

Available On The iPhone App Store
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